2023 Conference @ TU Wien
Aug 30th - Sep 1st

Keynote speakers

Guido Ascari (University of Pavia / De Nederlandsche Bank) and Luba Petersen (Simon Fraser University)

Local Organizers

William Branch (University of California, Irvine), Emanuel Gasteiger (TU Wien), Alex Grimaud (TU & WU Wien), Julia Hutter (TU Wien)


OeNB's Anniversary Fund via project 18611, Stadt Wien Kultur and TU Wien.

Leading academics discuss key economic issues at TU Wien

From August 30th till September 1st, 2023, TU Wien's Economics Research Unit hosted an edition of the conference on Expectations in Dynamic Macroeconomic Models. World-renowned experts and junior researchers from leading research and policymaking institutions around the world discussed frontier research on the role of expectations in determining surges in inflation, asset price bubbles, outcomes on housing or labor markets as well as the intelligent design of monetary, fiscal, and, labor market policies.

The event served as the workshop of the stand-alone research project 18611 (`Should central banks modify their inflation targeting framework when agents are boundedly rational?’). Financial support by OeNB's Anniversary Fund and the City of Vienna is gratefully acknowledged. The conference is organized annually since 2011. Previous editions were hosted at the Barcelona School of Economics Summer Forum, Czech National Bank, University of Birmingham, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, De Nederlandsche Bank, University of Oregon, Bank of Finland, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, University of St Andrews. More information: macroexpectations.com